Welcome to Passive Pay

Earning income for minimal effort seems to good to be true but with passive pay it's a reality!

Do you interact with business decision makers? Do any of them struggle to find competent or reliable software solution providers?

That’s where Passive Pay can help!

Passive Pay exists to introduce businesses who are in need of software expertise but are struggling to find reliable software companies capable of fulfilling their requirements.

Introductions that progress to paid work will be rewarded with an introducer fee. This fee is scalable depending on the size of the project and can range from £20 for minor assistance to £1000 or more for larger scale work.

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How It Works

You enter a lead

Let us know about a contact of yours who is in need of assistance with a software issue. This may be a new development or issues with their existing system

We engage the contact

A member of our support staff will then contact the client and discuss their requirements. We will discuss options with the client and provide a quote if we agree we can help

We undertake development

If the client is happy to proceed we will proceed to the development stage of the project where the software requirement will be fulfilled

You get paid

Once payment is received from the client an invoice will be automatically created for the commission amount owed to you and commission will be paid directly into your account

All development is undertaken by our dedicated software development and support company iCef Solutions Ltd. Since 2012 iCef Solutions have been realising customer visions for bespoke user friendly software solutions. Highly customer focused, we deem customer satisfaction as our primary objective. iCef Solutions website can be found here