How it Works

Passive Pay is a new concept in referral management. It allows referrers the option of tracking their referrals and gaining passive income from any referrals made.

The process is simple:

1. Create an account

Create an account using the simple registration form here. Once you have an account you will be able to create referrals, track their progress and view your invoices

2. Enter referral details

Enter details of one of your contacts who is in need of assistance with a software development issue. Whether it be a new development or an issue with their existing software systems

3. We engage the contact

We will pass the clients details to our partner software solutions provider (SSP) who will make contact with the client and discuss their requirements
During this phase the SSP will likely have several communications with the client to ensure they fully understand the clients issue and how best to help them
Please Note: If the client has not been made aware that they will be called by us you may be removed from the site. For a full list of terms and conditions please see here

4. We undertake development

If the client is happy to proceed then the client will proceed to the development stage of the project where the software requirement will be fulfilled

5. You get paid

Once payment is received from the client an invoice will be automatically generated within the Passive Pay site and will be viewable within your account. The invoice will be payable by Passive Pay Ltd for the commission amount owed to you. Any commission owed will be paid directly into your bank account

Signing up is free and easy and there is no cap on how many referrals can be entered and therefore how much income you can earn.

We only insist that the client is forewarned that we will contact them because we are not into cold calling and will always treat potential clients and clients the way we would like to be treated therefore a referral from a trusted contact is always a good starting point for a business relationship.

Our aim is to have happy clients and foster great relationships both with our clients and our site members.

Register here and start earning passive income today

All development is undertaken by our dedicated software development and support company iCef Solutions Ltd. Since 2012 iCef Solutions have been realising customer visions for bespoke user friendly software solutions. Highly customer focused, we deem customer satisfaction as our primary objective. iCef Solutions website can be found here